23 12 2008


foetus .aging

19 09 2008
  • A fetus (or foetus or fœtus) is a developing mammal or other viviparous vertebrate, after the embryonic stage and before birth. The plural is fetuses, or sometimes feti. The fetal stage of prenatal development starts when the major structures have formed, and lasts until birth.
  • Ageing or aging (American English) is the accumulation of changes in an organism or object over time. Ageing in humans refers to a multidimensional process of physical, psychological, and social change. Some dimensions of ageing grow and expand over time, while others decline. Reaction time, for example, may slow with age, while knowledge of world events and wisdom may expand. Research shows that even late in life potential exists for physical, mental, and social growth and development. Ageing is an important part of all human societies reflecting the biological changes that occur, but also reflecting cultural and societal conventions. Age is usually measured in full years — and months for young children. A person’s birthday is often an important event.

Jasmin in studio, three flashes. A man who loves to pose.

Digital photograph.

the man .uptown

18 09 2008

Portrait of a business man, classic look. Three flash in studio, ready to conquer the world.

Digital photograph.

the father .grey

14 09 2008

The color grey is often associated with aging or the passage of time, likely due in part to the decreased pigment-production of hair follicles in time, corresponding to the greying of human hair.[3] In this context, grey is often used synonymously with “elderly,” as in “the grey pound” or “grey power” (when referring to the economic or social influence of the elderly), or as used by groups such as the Gray Panthers.

Digital photograph.

2 gals .portraits

4 09 2008

Yesterday, i had to make three portraits from 9am to 1pm, one had o be on location and two of ’em in studio. The two studio portrait had given subject, one was about drama and the other one had to be flattering. Here it goes.


On location, digital photography.

In studio, flaterring, digital photography.

In studio, drama, digital photography.

dow .the_roof2

24 08 2008

and a possible 3

here are two other rooftop pictures, still in the dow, school is starting monday so the blog might get more updated keep on cheking, i’ll keep on posting, enjoi

i love this one


Digital photograph.

and not sure about this one


Digital photograph.

dow .the_roof

17 08 2008

A while ago I went to the dow brewery with a couple of person, my first visit during daylight, which almost makes it a whole new place, gives a whole different feeling.

Digital photograph.