Obsessive-compulsive disorder – Trouble obsessionnel compulsif

12 12 2007

I recently finished my final work in my visual expression class, it was a free project and i chose to do mine on Obsessive-compulsive disorder, also known as OCD, for this project I did a couple of photoshoot with my friends, associating them with one of those disorder, i tried to fit the disorder with the model’s personality. for each disorder that i chose, i did a third-person view and a “over-the shoulder” view to give a perspective from the person himself, here are the shots.

La lenteur obsessionnelle primitive – The slow primitive obsession


Rare Syndrome, which results in an unnecessary delay in the implementation of certain actions of everyday life.


Les obsessions de contamination avec compulsions de lavage – The obsessions of contamination with washing compulsions

They are pushing an individual, for fear of contamination or pollution, to clean and wash all the time.

Les obsessions de perte avec compulsions d’amassage- The obsessions of loosing with compulsions of gathering

People collecting lots of objects, usually worthless (prospectus, newspapers, packaging, old clothes, etc.). Without ever wanting to get rid of it.

La scrupulosité – The scrupulosity

Obsessive concern with one’s personal sins, including “sinful” acts or thoughts usually considered minor or trivial within their religious tradition. The over-scrupulous person may refuse to acknowledge the verdict of otherwise accepted religious authorities that he or she is being excessively concerned with moot religious points.

L’obsession-impulsion The obsession-impulsion

Afraid to loose control of himself or to do something against their will under a pulse or inadvertently, without realizing it. For example: killing someone, attack someone, commit suicide, steal, curse and fear of having condemned sexual behavior.


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2 02 2008

This is some good stuff!

2 02 2008

thanks !

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